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Ingredients: Lemongrass, ginger, eucalyptus, sage, thyme and basil.

Health Benefits: Refreshing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative, anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal, rubefacient, diaphoretic, expectorant.

Weight 45g

Makes 25 teas

Enjoy it hot or iced.

Make a cold brew: 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea in 1 litre of water. Leave it in the fridge for one day and strain before drinking. Top it up and drink it again tomorrow.

Add lemon, lime or mint.If you want it sweetened, add a small amount of honey.

How to brew:

Quantity: 1.5 tsp

Water temperature: 85-95º

Steeping time: 6-8 min

Additional information

Weight 75 g


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