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Indonesia – North Sumatra

Sidalogan Semi Washed

Origin: Indonesia

Region: Sumatra

Altitude: 900-1200mtrs

Crop Year: 2014

Varietal: Caturra & typical

Process: semi-washed

Cupping Score: 87/100

Profile: “Clean, savoury and sweet with some herbs and mild tomato-like acidity, creamy round body and long raw cacao bean finish”

Our supplier sources these coffee from hundreds of small crop farms that hand-pick the selected ripe cherries in the Sipangan Bolon region (near the tourist town of Parapat on lake Toba) in North Sumatra.

This specific lot is triple picked. It gets semi-washed in flotation tanks to separate the ripe cherries from the unripe and other plant and foreign matter. Once the ripe cherries are selected, they are pulped within 15 hours of harvesting using “Giling basah” method to remove outer skin and mucilage. Afterwards, they are sun-dried and selected in three stages so the final cup is extremely clean and crisp.

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