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GUATEMALA – Santa Rita Estate

GUATEMALA – Santa Rita Estate

Origin: Guatemala

Altitude: 1600-1700mtrs

Process: Washed

Varietal: Typica

Cupping score: 86/100


Cupping notes: Stewed fruit, brown sugar and cinnamon aroma, medium soft-citrus acid, full creamy body, med-high sweetness, notes of chocolate, vanilla, currant, dark berry and brown sugar with a lingering finish

Santa Rita Estate is located to the west of Guatemala City, very close to the beautiful Lake Atitlan. The area is known for its rugged mountainous topography and high precipitation. Interestingly, this area is largely unknown in the coffee world; in fact, it is the only coffee Estate located in the micro-region of Nican, which does not belong to any of the traditional coffee regions specified by Anacafe. The current owner of Santa Rita Estate, Dariush Echeverria, is the 5th coffee farmer on the estate whose family history on the farm dates back to 1878.

The Typica plant it self is quite tall, reaching 3.5-4 m in height.  The lateral branches form 50-70° angles with the vertical stem.  The young leaves or tips are of bronze or reddish colour. Typica usually has very low production, but has an excellent cup quality. This particular one was processed as a Fully Washed. The Washed processing method is when ripe cherry is picked, immature green cherry is either hand sorted or mechanically removed and over-ripe cherry is separated in floatation tanks. Only prime red cherry is sent to pulpers. Pulped parchment is then fermented for 24-72 hours in either a dry or wet fermentation process. Afterwards the clean, washed parchment is sent for drying.

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