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GUATEMALA – El Aguajal

Guatemala El Aguajal Estate Bourbon Washed


Origin: Guatemala

Altitude: 1200 – 1250 mtrs

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Cupping score: 86/100

Cupping notes: Cherry and fudge aroma, medium red apple acidity, full body, med-high sweetness, notes of maple, chocolate, plum, sugard nut and stewed fruit with an intense finish


This Washed Bourbon comes from the New Oriente region, this is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in Guatemala. In the 1980’s, responding to the increasing demand for specialty coffee, the region took off. These days, virtually every mountain back yard is a coffee farm. Located over what was once a volcanic range, its soil is made from metamorphic rock. This makes it balanced in minerals and very different from Guatemala’s volcanic regions, which have all seen volcanic activity since coffee was first planted.

Mr. Miguel Angel Hernandez Duarte is the current owner of the estate. The farm is spectacular, located in a deep gorge where coffee is entirely shade grown under a spectacular canopy of shade trees. Coffee is planted in beautifully manicured and well maintained plots, all separated by deep gorges, streams, rivers one of the most stunning waterfalls. Miguel is the 4th generation family farmer on this estate, having first produced coffee on the farm nearly 100 years ago.

The farm mainly cultivates Bourbon and Pacamara varietals.

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