Sipping Duck

Sipping Duck is a specialty coffee roastery based in Cairns since December 2012. Our mission is to bring top quality coffee to the region and offer quality products for people to enjoy in the comfort of their homes; this is why we create products that are special, unique and deliver a sensory experience. We are dedicated to specialty coffee, organic teas, raw honey and sparkling cold brew coffee.

Our coffee is roasted with passion and care in a small-batch roaster, using specialty grade arabica beans grown at high altitude, where coffee develops unique and outstanding characteristics. Our organic loose leaf tea blends are lovingly crafted to support a healthy lifestyle while combining flavor, aroma and color for a unique taste.

We choose to give our business a contemporary and rustic approach. With this in mind, everything we do is hand processed and packed, our coffee is roasted and extracted according to the latest techniques and we have put great effort in mind-blowing latte art.


Face Kicker




House Blend


Our most popular Loose Leaf Teas


Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee

This drink is an amazing creation, a big novelty in the coffee industry and exclusive to Sipping Duck in North Queensland. The taste is sensational, pure, bright, refreshing and rich. The aftertaste is delicious and long lasting. It is low in acidity and bitterness but high in caffeine. There are[…]

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Latte Art

Click here to see some of Erik’s mind blowing latte art. – Find it on the social media #SippingDuckLatteArt – If you visit one of our cafes, there’s a big chance you’ll get a picture on your coffee. Sometimes we are too busy and don’t have time to draw, but[…]

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  • “This little place is such a treasure, glad to see it going well as Fi and Erik are lovely and really know their coffee. Never disappointed when I stop in for a caffeine recharge. Thanks Fi for my Betel leaf plant too!”

    Jenni Austin –
    • “On our initial visit to Sipping Duck I went out of curiosity more than anything after an article I had seen, ready for the worst rather than the best. What a pleasant unexpected surprise. Tucked away, down from Johnson’s. The coffee is amazing and actually so is their hot chocolate which my partner is a big fan of. So if you have not made it there yet and you are in need of a good coffee in Cairns I highly recommend it.”
    • “Urban Chic Finally Comes To Cairns – Great service and great drinks, topped off in a setting that you would expect from a major cosmopolitan city and until now has been so missing from Cairns. Good job guys.”
    • “My fav coffee spot – Once you find this hidden gem, it will become your regular coffee stop! Coffee is amazing, and never disappoints. I now stop here at least twice a week for my caffeine hit – and for a nice savoury treat. The Owners/Staff are very friendly and attentive; and the atmosphere is quirky and creative.”



    Trip Advisor –
  • “After a week in Scotland I can’t wait to get back to the best coffee on the planet.”

    Ben Jacobson –
  • “Outstanding bespoke coffee creations, coupled with excellent customer service.”

    Barry Sutton –
  • “Where have you been all my life!! Or have I died and gone to coffee heaven”

    Sean Eales –